Eye Safety

Each y ear more than 2.5 million eye injuries are repored. Of these reported injuries, 90% could have been prevented with proper protective eyewear. Many potential causes for harm exist in your home. It is important to have safety glasses readily avail-able. Common causes of in home injuries include hot grease, chemicals and yard tools such as mowers and edgers.

Eyes overexposed

Recent studies show that 9 out of 10 people spend more than two hours a day using a digital device. LED devices emit light on a blue wavelength. Cumulative blue light exposure can accelerate cataract formation and macular degeneration. Lenses and coatings are available to protect your eyes.

Sunglasses Are More Than Fashion

Eyes left unprotected have a greater risk of certain eye diseases. There are two types of UV radiation that come from the sun. UVA exposure has been linked to eyelid cancers, ocular cancers, cataracts and macular degeneration.

Celebrate the 4th of July Safely

Hospital emergency rooms treat thousands of eye injuries each July. The eye is second most commonly injured part of the body. Please handle fireworks carefully, and always wear protective eyewear. Children should never handle fireworks without adult supervision.

Injuries in the Workplace

More than 20,000 work-related injuries occur annually. Please make sure to wear OSHA approved safety glasses and side shields when around potentially unsafe materials.